Will there be a Program?

There will be a rally with speakers and then we will march along 6th Avenue to Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle. Stay tuned for a map of the exact route!

Can I bring signs?

Yes! We encourage you to bring signs and be creative. Be aware: New York City prohibits signage on wood, metal or plastic poles, sticks or handles. Use a cardboard paper towel or wrapping wrap tube to support your sign. You can also use our downloadables in your posters.

Can I bring my drum, trombone or other musical instrument or noise maker?

Yes! We want to make some noise. Drummers are great for keeping chants going. Bring cow bells, tambourines, vuvuzelas, pots and pans, whatever can help you get loud. Be aware, though: a large tuba may be difficult to carry down the march route. Use your best judgment.

Can I bring my umbrella?


Can I bring my walking stick?


Can I bring my camera?


Can I bring my children? Can I bring my stroller?

Yes and yes

Can I bring my pet or other animal friend?

We prefer that you did not, as there will be children and others who may be uncomfortable around animals, and the environment may be too exciting for an animal.

Can I bring a collapsible chair to sit on?

You can, but the NYPD may ask you to not use it, especially if you are more than 1 foot off the ground.

Are backpacks allowed?

You can, but we highly advise you not to bring one.